Background of Cayton Sports

Boxing Radio Broadcasts

Formed by boxing Legend Bill Cayton, and his son, Brian Cayton, Cayton Sports owns exclusive rights to nearly five hundred taped radio broadcasts from the golden age of boxing, including the most exciting and memorable fights of Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali. The classic events include bouts that were never filmed and have been restored and preserved for posterity through the Cayton Sports' program, PRIME TIME BOXING. These electrifying events include the most extensive - and most listened to - radio broadcasts of their time!

Boxing Film and Video

Cayton Sports, Inc. has the exclusive museum, restaurant, and hall-of-fame rights to the Big Fights/ESPN library of boxing films — by far, the worlds largest such film collection. This collection of over 3,000 subjects includes the fights of all the great champions: Gentleman Jim Corbett, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Wilfredo Benitez, Kid Gavilan, and Mike Tyson... even Thomas Edison's FIRST known film recording, made in 1894!

Boxing Memorabilia

The extensive Cayton Sports memorabilia collection includes a Stan Ketchel championship belt, John L. Sullivan silk, posters, trophies, uncut tickets, 14,000 fight photographs, including the extraordinary Percy Dana photograph collection - once believed lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and many other items.

About Bill Cayton

Bill Cayton became involved in boxing in 1948 when he created and produced the TV program titled "Greatest Fights of the Century" to promote Vaseline Brand Hair Tonic. To create the program, and many others that followed, he licensed, then later acquired, rights to vintage boxing film footage, and for nearly fifty years amassed and restored a collection of thousands of films going back to 1897. His effort in collecting, restoring, and maintaining these films, many of which were rapidly deteriorating, is credited for preserving modern boxing's heritage and history. Bill Cayton also produced numerous boxing features including academy award-nominated "Jack Johnson" and "The Legendary Champions."

Bill Cayton managed six world champion boxers and was Manager of the Year an unprecedented 14 times.